Compass15: Focus on…OSi and a national spatial data framework

In advance of our Compass15 conference, we highlight the contribution from Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSi) and the opportunity for OSi data and Prime2 in particular to act as the national spatial data framework.

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Hugh Mangan is Head of Business & Marketing at Ordnance Survey Ireland. Hugh’s contribution to Compass15 will focus on the role of OSi, as the national mapping agency for Ireland, in establishing a national spatial data framework for Ireland based on Prime 2 (the new national mapping database).  Hugh will also discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with Prime2 adoption and best practice use.

Among the new features associated with Prime 2 is that every real world object represented in the data model has a globally unique identifier whose consistency is governed by a pre-determined set of object lifecycle rules. The opportunity to leverage these concepts, along with the other advantages of Prime 2 data will be explored and this talk will focus on the opportunities for best practice use, the challenges that exists with regards to implementation, and a discussion on the policy agenda that impacts the area including an update on OSi’s merger to form Tailte Éireann (with the Property Registration Authority and the Valuation Office) and OSi’s approach to Open Data.

Hugh Mangan will present at Compass15 and be available for discussion of OSi services and the Prime2 data resource.