Compass15: Focus on…the Workshops

Preparing for your Compass15 day?  The following may help you decide whether to attend some of the talks, or some of the workshops.  If you have booked already let us know what workshops or talk strands you will attend. Or register for free now. Here’s an overview for you:


National Biodiversity Data Centre – A chance to talk to Dr. Liam Lysaght and Dr. Tomás Murray who will open the covers of the Centre’s strategic plan and summarise each main workstrand, welcoming questions and discussion on each.  For the Centre’s Strategic Plan and for various Annual Reviews please visit the website.

Field Computing – A chance to really understand some of the hardware and software options from Compass for field and mobile computing.

  • Tove Gioeli from Handheld will demonstrate the range of devices (review the product line at the Handheld website and then discuss with Compass).
  • Louis Mullen will summarise and discuss the software options from Carlson.
  • Compass staff will discuss the Esri Data Collector app and related web viewers.

GoParkit – GoParkit is a location-smart parking payments and management platform.  Connor Cantwell will provide a talk and then, with Seamus Brady, will provide a more detailed walkthrough of the platform including ease of setup and options to test on-site.

Ubipix – Ubipix is a platform and mobile app for capture and sharing of location-tagged video.  Stephanie Keogh will provide an interactive introduction to Ubipix and how it is used in many applications including asset and infrastructure recording and monitoring.

Citi Logik mobile network data analysis for planning – Citi Logik with the support of Compass Informatics have developed an entirely new way of identifying and analyzing people movement derived from anonymised and aggregated location information combined with demographic data. Stephen Leece presents in the first session and then runs a workshop on the following:

– Understanding anonymised network data

– Developing demand based models for intelligent mobility

– Case study examples from recent work in London


Technology open forum – This is a chance to engage with technical staff at Compass Informatis and to discuss a range of topics including –

  • mobile app development
  • web map viewers
  • map and spatial integration with CRM and similar tools
  • Esri ArcGIS development approaches, open source options…