Handheld Case Study: The Nautiz X3 and Forest Data Collection

Tornator, one of the largest forest owners in Finland, is using its own customized software with the Nautiz X3 rugged handheld computer to revolutionize its system of mapping and evaluating 600,000 hectares (23,000 square miles) of forest lands.  Specialized forestry workers are using the Nautiz X3 to record tree species, age ranges, sizes and density in order to provide detailed information to forest purchasers and harvesters.

This job used to be completed with pencil and paper, inviting inaccuracy and inconsistency. Now, workers have a reliable tool that can chart accurate forestry data, provide precise location information and facilitate streamlined and robust reporting.

Read the full Tornator case study on “Knowing the True Value of Trees” and the role that rugged tablet computers play in forest management in Finland.

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