SnapFile – App for Photo & Data Capture

Compass Informatics now work with SnapFile to bring another excellent option to our clients for rapid field data capture and sharing.  SnapFile complements the other offerings from Compass including Ubipix geotagged video, GeoField for advanced structured data capture and workflow, and our custom mobile apps – not forgetting our hardware GPS, surveying, and rugedised computing suite.

SnapFile allows our clients to transform their field data collection and processing – to improve productivity, raise efficiency and cut costs.  It’s a simple iOS and Android app that allows unlimited deployment, with a desktop tool for easy GIS integration or Word / Pdf report creation. Snap a photo, record attributes, upload, check, share.

SnapFile allows us, from your smartphone, to capture photos and attributes on any sort of feature –

  • Geotag with pinpoint precision
  • Create, maintain and customise attributes on the fly in minutes.
  • Easily feed data into ESRI ArcGIS or other GIS geodatabases
  • Streamline your workflow

Please see our SnapFile webpage and then arrange for your app download and free evaluation code.

For further information please contact: Andy Day – or Louis Mullen –